Thursday, December 20, 2012

* Silver and Gold....&....Snow Men *

Who remembers that song from the 1960's animated special, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer?  
♫♪  Silver & Gold ... Silver & Gold  ♫♪

Those are the only words I remember from the entire song, but I certainly remember the tune, and the voice of Burl Ives singing it!

 (I thought I'd do another Christmasy post tonite! You can always click on the photos to make them larger.)

This is a large glass bowl on our mantel. I filled it with plastic silver and gold ornaments and tied a silver ribbon around it. Not too shabby, huh?!

This is that $15.00 tree I mentioned in a previous post. It's about 6' tall, and has multi-colored lights. I added a string of white lights and it was just right (light-wise!)

Every ornament on the tree is plastic and bought from either Hobby Lobby or Dollar Tree. Wow, I'm a big spender, aren't I?!

BUT, it does look like I missed a spot or two, or three! I sure didn't notice it until I looked at this picture. 

I particularly like this one. 

.. And here are the Snow the half-bath ..

Whoa...I didn't realize that sink was so ugly, until I saw it in this picture, too. 
It must actually look much better in person!

The snowman soap dispenser on the left came from Kohl's a few years ago. I was thrilled to find it because my color scheme is blue and white! To the left and behind that snowman is a glass bowl with a few blue and gold plastic ornaments and sparkly stars.The snowman on the right is plastic and from Dollar Tree. He's adorable and his hat looks like it's real yarn. 
And a white hand towel with snowmen on it!

More snowmen. Another blue and white duo, on a sled. One under a candle lamp, and a little guy on skis. 

And another hand towel 

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*I'm dreaming of a White Christmas* because we had a dusting of snow today and some fierce winds that are still blowing. BUT, according to the weather's not going to happen. :(