Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Winner and Philosophy

* Today feels like Monday. The Ronald and I spent the weekend with friends in their lovely house on The Lake! Got home really late Sunday night, so I was draggin' yesterday. Today my inner motor will be chugging along until it hits high speed!

* The winner of my Give-Away from September 7th....is....drum roll, please!......Carol Kilgore, from Under the Tiki Hut! Carol, please send your address and I'll get your three books mailed right away. Congratulations and thanks for entering!

* Speaking of books, which leads to reading and writing....once again I've put my memoir on the back burner. I'm submitting to more anthologies and entering more contests. Doing so has once again helped with the enormous pressure I've subjected myself to, for so long. I'm also reading more, which I know helps my writing. Also, I will stop posting about whether my memoir is almost finished, partly finished, asking for title ideas, and anything else pertaining to it! Y'all are probably thinking, "Whew, thank goodness!" ☺

* My friend, S. and I ate Chinese for lunch on Saturday. My fortune cookie said: "Life to you is a bold adventure. You can expect greatness if you avoid the great mess!"

I like that philosophy. How about you?

"Eighty percent of success is showing up." -- Woody Allen