Friday, April 9, 2010

* I'm Definitely NOT a Poet, and I KNOW IT! *

Fun information found at Cathy C.'s Hall of Fame Blog:  April is National Poetry Month and using book spines to write a poem is a fun way for anyone to get in on the action.

So, below you will find my attempt at a "book spine poem" - just read the titles (not the authors' names) from top to bottom. Fun, huh? Give it a try!

I managed to quickly put two of them together this afternoon, but couldn't take photos until I charged up the old battery.....the camera's, not mine. Although, mine is still dragging a bit. I've got to get out tomorrow and start my walking regimen again. That usually helps.

Anyway, here they are. (These are two separate "poems", but I couldn't get the two photos very far apart.)

How did I do, Oh Wondrous Miss Cathy C.?
I now challenge other blog buddies to do the same!

"Roses are red. Violets are purple. I never thought him funny. That goofy Steve Urkel." -- Becky Povich

"Roses are red. But the thorns are a bear. The guy who is funny. Was the Prince of Bel-Air." -- Becky Povich

* Wasted Days & Wasted Nights *

Why am I still awake at 1:30 am again? A title of an old song by the late, great Freddy Fender comes to mind: "Wasted Days and Wasted Nights".

Although, I don't ever purposely waste any time, it's days like this that really bother me. I didn't sleep well Wednesday night, mostly because dear old Tiger woke me up twice to go outside. Once was around midnight, and again around 3:30am. Both times I was deep in sleep, in the midst of weird, wacky dreams. I was so "out of it" I barely remember getting up, and both times, I easily fell back asleep.

All I can say is, when I DID wake up at 6:30 Thursday morning, I felt like I'd been run over by a Mac truck, as the saying goes. I got up for a few minutes, had a headache, went back to bed, and slept most of the day....waking up with the same or a new headache in the late afternoon. I even had to cancel my dinner plans with two gal pals. And when THAT happens, you know I'm not feeling good.

And how strange that my last blog post was about needing and having spare minutes!

So, did I get anything accomplished today?  I slept. I ordered pizza delivery for dinner. I answered some much-needed-to-be-answered e-mails. I read many blogs. And I'm now going to read until I fall asleep. Well, any day that includes reading, writing, and pizza can't be all bad!

"Be yourself. Everyone else is taken." -- Oscar Wilde