Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Encouragement and Approval from the Sky

(I'm still on my Blog Break, but felt the urge to share the following. Please don't feel the need to comment, because I'm still not reading other blogs, and that just wouldn't be fair.)

It doesn't seem possible that it was three months ago when I wrote the following poem. The weather was magically warm and I walked in wondrous thoughts and visions. That's when it began to sink in. The cosmic, overwhelming sense that now was the time to get serious about my writing. Now was the time to continue on with my memoir. Jump over those hurdles standing before me. And burst through anything or anyone (including myself) who got in my way.

Since that profound February day, I see and hear prop planes almost every single day. And the most Cosmic & ♫♪ Twilight Zoney ♫♪ thing about it is.....WHEN I see them. 

  • When Vern and I are doing our daily walk. (at various times of day)
  • When I just walk out onto our deck, with my pen and tablet in hand.
  • When I'm driving, and all of a sudden one is flying over my car. 
  • When I walk out to our mailbox. 
  • When The Ronald and I are sitting on our deck, just talking and resting. 
  • When I'm in a parking lot, walking into or out of a grocery store.
The point is: There is no particular time of day or night!!

It's become such a regular occurrence, it makes me smile and laugh every time. 

After looking up at the plane, and then further up into the sky, I said out loud: " I see it. I see it! I'm getting it! I'm getting it! Thanks! I'm getting it!"  

That's me, during a visit to Parks Airport, 2009.

Now, just what do prop planes have to do with my memoir? The short version is this: I didn't really write until my *estranged father* became seriously ill and wasn't expected to live. My feelings about him poured out of me and were printed in a local newspaper (and later in a Chicken Soup for the Soul book). That's when I decided I was a writer and would write my memoir: From Pigtails to Chin Hairs: A Memoir & More

* (When I was a little girl, dad was a professor at a local aeronautical college. I've loved planes and everything to do with flying ever since. If you check my archives of dad, Parks Colleges, prop planes, etc. you can find out more.) *

So, there you have it. I'm getting help completing my book in what I'd call blissful and spiritual ways! 

Untitled               February 18, 2012

I strolled along the pavement,
the sound of quiet surrounding me
like a quilt. The stillness was deafening
until I heard the engine of a prop plane 
flying overhead. Stopping and shading my eyes,
I squint and watch it putter across
the powder blue sky.
Memories flooded my soul,
immediately tugging my mouth
into a wide grin.

The next day I walk the 
same path. A distant cardinal chirps,
most likely believing it's already spring.
Why shouldn't he?
These past few days have been nothing
but glorious.
Only the calendar page declares
it's just early February.
I turn, looking for his brilliant crimson color
among the vast bare branches
but my eyes cannot find him.

I notice the sky is full of "airplane smoke,"
those cloud-like wispy lines also 
carry memories for the child within me. 
I close my eyes, and for a moment
I'm standing motionless in my front yard again.
I stare up, marveling at the sight above,
taking it all in and thinking as profoundly as
a five-year-old possibly can.

Blinking, I become aware of 
my present surroundings and
begin my journey
back home.
Tomorrow. Maybe tomorrow 
I'll think back and 
reminisce once more.
Sentimental journeys.
Always bittersweet.

©2012 Becky Povich

"My ideas usually come not at my desk writing but in the midst of living." -- Anais Nin

Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Rejection: Ouch! But I'm Okay

We interrupt this Blog Break (again!)  ~~~~~~

In December of last year, I received an e-mail stating that one of my stories had made it to the Final Selection Round for a Chicken Soup for the Soul book. I was really excited because I hadn't submitted anything to them in a couple of years. (And why had I not been sending them stories? I guess it was because of my awful writers block, self-sabotage, etc. etc.)

Below is the first paragraph of that December 2011 e-mail:

 Your story “Rocky Loses by a TKO” has made it to the final selection round for Chicken Soup for the Soul: I Can't Believe My Dog Did That! Only a small percent of the submitted stories have made it this far. The vast majority of stories in this “last round” will appear in the book, but we do not make the final decisions until about a month before the publication date.

Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy! I signed that contract and sent it immediately, and obviously being aware I wouldn't know for sure if my story would make it into the book or not, I still had confidence. I thought of so many ways to spend that $200! The other times that I'd made it this far, my story was selected.

Well.....not this time. I received this e-mail today:

I am sorry, I just received the final TOC (Table of Contents) from our editor and unfortunately your story was not selected.

And of course, my initial reaction was WHAT? Huh? How can this be?

But for the first time, my surprise, hurt, and disappointment only lasted mere seconds. And I truly believe it's because I'm doing so well with my memoir! Thank goodness for that, or I may have moped around for too long!  I've had my writing rejected before, several times, but that happens to ALL writers, and I always say it's like that slogan for the state lottery: "You can't win, if you don't play."

So, the reason for this blog post is to advise all writers, artists, photographers, etc. to keep on submitting! Don't let a couple of rejections knock you down. Keep on, keepin' on!

Happy Weekend, Everyone!

"I think that you have to believe in your destiny; that you will succeed, you will meet a lot of rejection and it is not always a straight path, there will be detours – so enjoy the view." – Michael York, actor

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Author Interview - Patricia Preston

Hello everyone! Below is my interview with blog friend Patricia Preston, author of The Yard Sale.

Hi Patricia! Tell us a little bit about how you got started writing:

The first thing I recall writing is a short story when I was in the 6th grade. I remember the title was “Priscilla’s Christmas.” I have no memory of what happened to poor Priscilla on Christmas but I do remember getting a lot of praise from my teacher. That is when my love affair with writing started and it is still going on today. I figure even if the day comes that I can no longer physically write, there still be a story dancing in my head.

What are you writing now and why?

I decided to do something different this year. In 2011, I joined an Indy email list. At the time, there were about 300 Indy authors on the list. Now there are over 700 members. Many of them were hybrids, writers who write for traditional publishers and self-publish, such as Bob Mayer and Brenda Novak. All the members were eager to talk about this big change in publishing and about the business side of this new venture. I learned so much from them.
Also, around the New Year, Ben Wallace started following me on Twitter. Ben is an Indy author who writes comedy. So, I read some of his short stories.  I do admit, once again, to ignorance. I didn’t know writers were publishing short stories on Amazon. Duh! I’m not going into massive detail here, but reading Ben’s stories helped me make a decision that I had been considering. I decided I would revise one of my favorite short stories, “The Yard Sale,” and put it up on Amazon. This was my way of getting my feet wet. I was terrified of trying a book but I knew I could handle a short story.

Ben put in touch with his wife, Patty, who is a cover designer. What can I say? The rest is history.  I put “The Yard Sale” up on Amazon the 3rd weekend in April and overnight it made the Amazon Top 100 Best Seller list in Comedy and Short Stories.

I hope to have my second story, “Laid to Rest,” published in June. Writing has never been more fun!

What advice would you give writers today?

It is a great time to be a writer. You have more options than ever. Explore. Rule nothing out. Rejectionis a moot point. Don’t be afraid to write from the heart. Submit to a publisher if you want. Or do it yourself. Oh, one word of advice, if you are signing a contract, pay close attention to your e-royalties on net third party sales. Because with each passing day, that is where the money is.

Are you a plotter or pantser?

I’m a little of both. I have to have a general idea and outline.  Then, when I write, that outline will change. But I like to have a direction when I start to write.

In closing, list your five favs:

Fruit:  Pineapple
Season: Autumn
Holiday: Christmas
2012 Summer movie: The Dark Knight Rises
Best new TV series: Hell on Wheels

And where can readers find you online?

My webpage:

Twitter at!/pat_preston

Facebook page at

Check out “The Yard Sale” at

It’s a humorous 8500 word short story for 99 cents! 

Thanks, Patricia! It's fun being part of your blog tour and the best of luck with all your writing!

* NOTE: I'm still on my Blog Break and my writing is going well. This interview was scheduled for an automatic post. Thanks to everyone who stops by to read and comment!

* Welcome to my two newest followers, Super Earthling and CF Legette 
I hope you'll stop by often and always enjoy what you read and see! Thank you! *

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

We Interrupt This Blog Break.....

No, I'm not ready to start blogging again yet, because I'm really rolling along with my writing,(Yay! Finally!) but just wanted to share something that is really BIG....for me.

Some of you may remember my anxiety trying to think of THE RIGHT title for my memoir. Although I wasn't anywhere near being finished, it was extremely important to me to choose one. After I did, I felt I could focus better on writing.

In just the past couple of days, it came to me. I ran it by some writer friends yesterday, and then Lou, my publisher at High Hill Press. Everyone loved it! So......without further memoir's title is............

From Pigtails to Chin Hairs
A Memoir & More

What do you think? Any thoughts??

"You can't turn back the clock, but you can wind it up again." -- Bonnie Prudden

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

* Merry Go Round *

I've been on a self-propelled Merry Go Round for quite some time. Pushing and striving to accomplish all the things that are important to me as I go faster and faster without really getting anywhere.....just going around in circles.

Writing my memoir is THE most important thing in my life right now. Add to that blogging and my blog friends, my family and writer friends, handwriting letters, reading as much as I can, entering writing and photography contests & calls for submissions, attending writerly functions, trying to keep up with e-mails, etc.

I'm not complaining, really I'm not. I love being busy, but I'm not talented enough to successfully do everything, so what I've been doing is lots of things inadequately. I feel badly that I haven't kept up with reading everyone's blogs, and/or leaving comments. And I haven't even kept up with thanking everyone for the comments left for me.

(photo: courtesy Google)

So, I'm taking another Blog Break to concentrate on my book. I plan on posting Nostalgic Sundays as often as I can, because those will fit right in with my memoir. And if I come up with something that I feel is important to mention on my blog....I definitely will.

Thanks for your understanding, and I truly hope everyone won't forget about  me! (I will keep in touch by e-mail, too!)

"Right now I'm having amnesia and deja-vu at the same time. I think I've forgotten this before." Steven Wright

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

* More Calls for Submissions - Writing and Photography

No time yet for posting info and photos about my visit with my cousin, but I came across a couple of Calls for Submissions I wanted to share. First: Chicken Soup for the Soul has just added two books that need your stories!

For Parents of Children with Autism or Asperger's
If you are the parent of a child with autism or Asperger's, we invite you to share your story about raising your child - the ups and downs, the effect on your family, your child's special attributes and talents, and the lighter moments too. You may use a "pen name" on your story. These stories will provide advice, comfort and insight to other parents in the same situation. The deadline date for story and poem submissions is September 30, 2012.

Great Advice for Making Changes in Your Life
Have you ever read a Chicken Soup for the Soul story that had a wonderful nugget of advice in it that made a difference in your life? We are looking for stories that contain great pieces of advice, whether they are little things that improve our everyday lives, or major epiphanies that can change a life completely. Topics we will cover include advice related to work and personal relationships, marriage, parenting, health and fitness, finances, constructive criticism, taking chances, and following your passion. The deadline date for story and poem submissions is August 31, 2012.

Right now there are currently SIX books accepting submissions, FOUR more besides these two.

** NOTE: the following is taken directly from the Chicken Soup for the Soul website:

If the story or poem you wrote is published by us, you will be paid $200 upon publication of the book plus you will receive ten free copies of the book your story or poem appears in.


Open to Interpretation: Deadline TODAY, May 1st! Accepting poetry and prose pertaining to selected photos, with a theme of Intimate Landscape. Check it out! Very cool!

Also at Open to Interpretation: Deadline June 26th. Accepting photographs for a theme of Fading Light.

** NOTE: the following is taken directly from the Open to Interpretation website:

Publication and Awards

$1000 Cover Award
$300 Judge's Choice Award Photography
$300 Judge's Choice Award Writing or Poetry

Being selected to be part of this publication puts you in great company with other photographers, writers, and poets. This publication is dedicated to providing a place for artists to gain recognition and exposure for their work. All participants chosen, if so desired, will have their name, web page and/or mailing address indexed in the book so as they can be contacted directly regarding their work.

Check out the websites, put your thinking cap on, position yourself in your chair, your fingers on the keyboard.....and write!! Or take photos, as the guidelines state. Best of luck to everyone!

"I really believe there are things nobody would see if I didn't photograph them." -- Diane Arbus