Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Margo is My Hostess, Critter Alley is The Mostess, & It's Dang Cold Here!

Well, it's another bitterly cold night here in the good ol' Midwest. I find it quite funny that this is the coldest and snowiest winter we've had in about THIRTY YEARS and it's the first winter The Ronald and I have had to go OUTSIDE with Vern when nature calls. Our previous house didn't have a fenced back yard, but we had a long chain that hooked up right next to our back patio door. All we had to do was slide open the door, hook up the chain to his collar, and off he went. But, this winter, we live in the two-story townhouse, and we have to walk Vern on the leash whenever he "has to go." I'm trying to stay Pollyanna-ish about it...but it's getting kind of hard. Hey, I'm not always happy!...But I was able to savor a glorious view the other morning. The sun was coming up in the East, and the moon was still high in the western sky. Such beauty! And I reminded myself right then and there how grateful I am for my life. I am healthy and I can go on walks with my beloved dog. I get exercise and fresh air. I can see and hear and smell. I just bundle up the best I can, and Vern wears his bright red coat, and off we go! We always warm up when we get back inside. 

  And now, some writerly news. Margo Dill is hosting me on her blog today! I wrote a short guest post and we're also having a give-away for a print copy of my memoir. Please stop by, say hello and enter to win, even if you've already read it. You can always give it to someone else as a gift.

  Also, I didn't know it, but Pat Wahler at Critter Alley also wrote a blog post about my memoir. You can read it HERE.

  I still have plenty of writerly things to share, but again, they will have to wait another day or so. 


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"Winter is the season in which people try to keep the house as warm as it was in the summer, when they complained about the heat." ~Author Unknown