Sunday, December 16, 2018


Yes, Virginia there IS a Santa Claus....and yes, Becky is still alive and kicking! 😉

My 5 talks at the assisted living centers became only 3; I missed one because of illness, and the other was cancelled due to a large snowstorm we had.

I was a bit rusty in talking, but it seemed to go well. People laughed and smiled at the proper times.

I brought door prizes, print-outs of helpful online sites for writers, and lots of books to sell.

I sold Five Books 😞

Oh well... it was a great experience and I met some wonderful people. That's a gift in itself. 


Have I mentioned that Ron and I are moving again?? In August, we bought a used double-wide mobile home in a lake community and hope to actually move in next month! It was a mess and we're totally rehabbing it and it will be like a brand new home. If I'd never seen some of those make-over shows on HGTV, I would've never agreed to buy it. It was that bad! I'll share some before and after photos after we've moved in!

I'm not sending snail mail Christmas cards this year...first time in over half my life, but I just couldn't find the time or energy to do them. So, please don't think I've forgotten you, I wish all of you a

Very Merry Christmas!

May 2019 be a year of good health
 & happiness for us all!