Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Good morning, everyone! While browsing around Amazon just now, I came across something that really caught my eye and gave me a thrill.

Are you familiar with Amazon's Author Page? If you like a certain author and you're checking out his/her books and book reviews, etc. on Amazon, and if they've set up their own info page, you can click on their link and read more about them. Here is mine:

No, reading my page did not give me a thrill...but what did is this...Author Amy Newmark, of Chicken Soup for the Soul fame and fortune...her author page includes the following information:

You can reach Amy with any questions or comments through and you can follow her on Twitter @amynewmark.

P.execute('ap-bootstrap-favorites', function() { P.load.js("/gp/profile/widgets/assets/pr_favoriCustomers Also Bought Items By
* See that name on the left column...down at the end? Yep, that's me!! I'm listed as one of the authors of "customers also bought items by..."

Jack Canfield
Jaye Lewis Karen E. Rigley

* That is REALLY exciting to me! It may not mean very much to anyone else, but just seeing my name, included on her page...Yippy! *

It is cloudy, dreary, and rainy outside...but inside...I'm dancing on air and basking in just plain old happiness!

How is YOUR day going? I hope it's a happy one!