Saturday, April 30, 2011

* Saturday Centus *

Happy Anniversary to Saturday Centus! Yes, one year ago, Jenny Matlock started this wonderful meme. I haven't participated in quite a long time, but tonight I felt compelled to give it a try again. I hope it's acceptable! And Oh, it must be 100 words or less, not counting the prompt....which I forgot when I added mine up and tried so desperately to stay under 100! So, duh.....mine is 95 words, including the prompt!
*These Saturday Centus stories are fictional. *

Like always, Jenny provides us with a wonderful prompt (appearing below, in bold text). And as an extra gift to us on her special anniversary, she's allowing us to add a photo to our submission! My story and photo is below.

Although the traditional gift for a first anniversary is fabulous, still-semi-newlywed husband decided to shower me with luxurious gifts. He said, "Bea, I know you love the song, String of Pearls, by Glenn Miller, so I bought you a lovely pearl necklace, with matching earrings and bracelet."

I was so excited, I immediately put the necklace around my neck, and before even trying on the other lovely items, began doing my Happy Dance, which in turn, caused my real....well, actually faux pearls, to fall off the string, bouncing and rolling all over the floor.
And Welcome to my Three Newest Followers: Terra, Donna & Joyce! Thanks so much and I hope you'll stop by often and always be pleased with what you see.