Friday, September 10, 2010

** Friday Night Lights **

No, not the television show. Just a random title. Because I have De-Light-Ful tidbits to share!

* First of all, I want to mention Ellie Garratt's competition! Check out Ellie's blog and read all about her exciting publication news. In honor of that, she is having a contest which goes until September 21st. (And if her blog looks similar to mine, it's because we both have the same background...Books!

* When going through some papers on my credenza today, I came across a couple of pages I had printed some time ago. They have very good book marketing info, but I have no idea where I found them! I forgot to include the writer/blogger's name. AND, I have Parts One and Two, of a Three Parter! The title is: Pre Published - Lay the Foundation. Sound familiar to anyone??, I did one of the things that was suggested. I joined Goodreads and Library Thing. They are both free. I didn't post much info, but will from time to time, I guess. The important thing is what the author of this article says: "You may not think you have the time, but if you drop in once a week for a few minutes you'll learn the ropes and meet people." ALSO, "Once you have the "go ahead" and your book has its final title, go to Goodreads and apply for an author page. They must approve it, but it's pretty easy."  I loved getting these tips, because although I think I'm pretty good at marketing, I hadn't heard of these and there's always new things to learn!

* Does your keyboard have letters that are practically worn off? Or have nicks, dents or scratches in them? I noticed recently that my laptop has 3 keys which are really nicked, due to my finger nails: "A", "S", and the Left Shift Key. Obviously, I use them a lot! I find it strange that I don't have the same condition on any of the right hand keys. Obviously, it must have to do with the way my fingers hit the keys!

* I have found that since being in The Zone, I almost feel compelled to rewrite 75% of my book! I read some of the older stuff, and think, "Wow, is that ever bad!" We shall see what happens.....At this moment, I'm just going to keep going from where I am! Forging Ahead!

Tomorrow I'll post about the 5 books I recently purchased AND give the details of my September Contest!

"We don't know who we are until we see what we can do." - Martha Grimes