Friday, June 5, 2015


The Ronald had a medical test done yesterday morning (nothing serious) and he needed someone to drive him home, so I drove to and from. It was a crazy, rainy, windy day....but very scattered. We didn't see any rain until we were almost there. On the way home, it was dry for a few minutes, and then a deluge, and then dry again, etc. I love being in a location, looking across the horizon, and seeing exactly where the rain is pouring down from the clouds.
The clouds in the photos below are obviously NOT those kinds of clouds, though!
(You can click on each photo to see them larger.)
I am always in awe and wonder when I look at clouds. 

I found these clouds particularly interesting because of the dark and light "waves." And does anyone also see a couple of white, thin clouds, that slant down at the bottom of the "waves"? (I'm not even sure how to explain it!)
These aren't good photos, that's for sure, but I took them with my cell phone from inside my car!