Friday, May 28, 2010

** This 'n That on a Friday Night **

It's  been a busy, but productive week. I'd have to say that yesterday was THE busiest and THE productiviest! <<  is that even a word?! I do like to make up words sometimes!

Yesterday, I got up early and decided I really needed and wanted to walk on one of "my trails". There are a couple near my home that I rather drive to, and walk along the path, than to just stay home and walk in the neighborhood. So...whatever works, right? I usually never remember to take my camera, but I made sure I took that, too. It's just very beautiful and peaceful. I love to walk alone, and be in my own thoughts, etc.
One of these days, as soon as possible, I really have to get a better camera. Mine is fine for "normal" pictures, but not for distance or really close-up shots.'s two.

This is a rather large pond and pretty waterfall in the back. And right behind it, just on the other side of the tiny bushes, is a fairly busy street. There is also a cute gazebo, where many weddings are held. I couldn't get close enough to take a picture of it, though.

(I should send a shout-out to Daisy at Dancing With Daisy, because she always posts pretty photos from her walks, too. I was just thinking about all those snowy and icy pictures we all posted this past winter. How far away that all seems now, but we thought spring and summer would never arrive!)

Before I left the house, I called and made an appointment for Tiger to get groomed. She was shedding really badly and also needed her nails "done"! They were able to take her right away, so I dropped her off on the way to the trail.

After my walk, I decided I really needed the inside of my car cleaned, since it was full of old dog on to the car wash...inside and out. They did a fantastic job.

I came home and did some vacuuming......old dog hairs! I also washed the 2 little quilts that are used for Tiger's bed.....and her pillow cover...because they guessed it: dog hairs.

I slightly edited and submitted a story to Guideposts that I'd worked on a year or so ago, and had even submitted elsewhere. I feel really good about it, although, I always feel very optimistic about my writing!! Their guidelines said it can take two months to hear from them, which is quite normal. I'm not going to divulge what it's about at this time. I'm kind of funny sometimes about that!

Somewhere in there, I stopped by my chiropractor's to get an adjustment!

AND, somewhere in there, I had lunch, worked some in my office, watched a little TV, etc.

Here's Tiger's "after" photo! She actually looked a lot thinner with so much hair brushed and washed out!
I love it, too, that Kennelwood always puts an appropriate bandana on her when she's all finished. This one is red, white and blue and says USA on it....obviously for Memorial Day.

This weekend, let's all remember what Memorial Day is really all about.
Have a safe and happy one.....looks like Tiger definitely will.

"For in acceptance lieth peace". -- Amy Carmichael