Tuesday, May 23, 2017


Do you ever get excited about house cleaning?? I must admit that I'm not much of a housekeeper. There is usually clutter and dust bunnies just about everywhere. I can't seem to keep up with it all.

I used to try a lot harder, but gave up years ago when I realized that my husband was never going to change, so why bother knocking myself out, when it'd look the same all over again in a few days, hours, minutes!

BUT, when I AM in the mood...look out! I was so excited when I went to sleep Saturday night because I'd finally bought new "cleaning stuff," and knew I'd be using them when I woke up Sunday. Weird? Not for me.

I'd been using watered-down Windex and watered-down all purpose spray cleaner for so long, they certainly weren't doing the job. And I'd completely ran out of one of my favorites: Soft Scrub with bleach. So, can't you understand my excitement when I knew I could actually do a great job of cleaning the kitchen?! And because of that, I was happy!

The radio was tuned to a favorite station and I think I actually whistled while I worked. It was one of those glorious, perfect days...sunshine & ideal temperatures...and did I wish I was outside? Nope! I gazed out my patio door from time to time and reveled in the beauty of it all, especially the birds at our bird-feeder, floating and swooping, waiting for their turn...all those except for those ill-behaved Blue jays!

This was not taken that day,
but at least you can see part of my kitchen!
Have I mentioned I LOVE this apartment?
In no time, the stove-top shined, the counter-tops were spot free, & the sink glistened!

Yesterday and today were semi-rainy and cloudy and I didn't feel like doing a thing.
Hey Mother Nature...please send more almost-perfect days. I want to keep cleaning!