Monday, August 16, 2010

Writing & Marketing 101 - by a Writing Novice

I am so pleased that my posts about my parents inspired some of you to share a bit of your history. That's what I strive for in my writing....that it will touch people, either humorously or poignantly. Thank you again for your comments and e-mails.

I've written quite a bit today, in spite of my back acting up again. I guess cleaning out the cabinet underneath the kitchen sink over the weekend didn't help. Fortunately, my chiropractor's office is about a mile from my house and my car knows the way by heart. (No, it doesn't have or need a GPS.) Another fortunate thing is that my office chair is an old wooden kitchen chair. It's the best thing for a bad back. I'm forced to sit up as straight as possible and can use my ice pack without any problems.

Since I was such a novice when I began this whole writing-a-book process, I think I've pretty much done almost everything 'a**-backwards', as the saying goes! Cases in point:

1)  A publisher agreed to publish my book before I'd written more than a couple of chapters.
2)  I've got contacts lined up with different medias for promotion of my book, when the time comes.
3)  I'm getting closer to having the book cover chosen.
4)  I've got some well-known friends/acquaintances who said they will write a blurb for my book cover.
5)  I'm beginning to set up Blog Interviews and Book Signings for my book.

So, it looks like all I have left to do, at least for now is.....finish the book!

I'm not sharing this information because I want everyone to think how smart I am, or lucky, or a big show off! No! I'm sharing what I have learned, because maybe it will help YOU achieve your dreams!
I submitted my writing without fear. If they didn't like it, what were they going to do? Come to my house and beat me up?! Heck no! I can take rejection. (I learned how to do that when I was in school!)

When my first Chicken Soup for the Soul story was accepted, they provided great marketing info. They are the ones who taught me to be confident, and how to go about contacting the media, etc.

Something else I've done is e-mail authors whose books I've read and admired. I tell them how much I enjoyed their writing and that I'm a writer, too, etc. Sometimes I hear back from them, and sometimes I don't. But you'll never know, IF YOU DON'T TRY!

"Do not judge yourself until you're done. And if you judge yourself a failure, you're not done." - Robert Brault

** Bits & Pieces About My Mother **

As I said last week, I posted a lot of memories and photos for my (deceased) dad's birthday, but I kind of just skipped right past my mom's and I certainly didn't intend to do that. She was born on August 6th, 1915. (If you noticed the date of my dad's birth, she was nine years older than he was.) She would've been 95 years old! Happy Belated Birthday, Mom!
Mother was a true homemaker in the 1950’s kind of way.
(courtesy: countryinthetown. blogspot)

She cooked homemade meals and made wonderful baked goods. She always let me help, too, even if I really was more of a hindrance. I couldn’t have been happier for those first few years of my life, but then my carefree days came to an abrupt end when my dad decided to leave.

(Mid 1950's - summer vacation)
She had already endured the loss of one husband. Her first husband was killed in World War II. And then, her second one decided he didn’t want to be married to her anymore. I know she was devastated by both losses, but probably more so by my dad, because he chose to leave. She never did get over that. I remember feeling sad and helpless sometime because I couldn’t do or say something that would make her happy again.

Looking back on it now, I'm sure she suffered from depression. There wasn't a whole lot of joy in our house from that point on. There weren't the kinds of medications to help then, either.

There's so much more to the story, but that my dear friends, is all for now. The rest is in the book.....

**After reading the first few comments, I decided to post the link to the story I wrote about my parents, that was accepted and published in Chicken Soup for the Soul; Divorce & Recovery. I've mentioned it before, but many readers may not have seen it.  It was also chosen to be published on Belief Net.

"I was very mad at my father and I wanted him to die so I could remember him the way he was before he left us, not what he had turned into." -- Written by a nine year old in

( I can remember thinking the same kinds of things....It took me many years to forgive him.)