Wednesday, October 6, 2010

** Forgetful, Forgetful Not **

I don't think I've mentioned publicly, here on my blog, that I have a terrible short-term memory. It's not just terrible. It's awful, horrendous, ridiculous and downright embarrassing! (Good thing my long-term memory is in great shape...considering the fact that I'm writing my memoir!)

I once forgot to meet a friend for lunch. and food and a friend....I forgot! I even had it written on my kitchen calendar. For some reason, I was really lazy that morning and stayed in my jammies. I watched TV and just lounged around the family room. Around noon, my cell phone rang. When I saw my friend's name as the incoming call, that's when the load of bricks hit me. OMG! What was I to say? I forgot?? I was SO embarrassed, but fortunately this particular friend was very understanding. Whew!

Lucky for me, I haven't done anything quite that bad since. Sometimes, I still forget to answer e-mails, totally misplace notes I've written to myself, miss writing deadlines, forget to enter blog contests, etc. So, if you haven't heard from me in an amount of time that seems etiquettely correct.....please contact me and let me know that I've once again, screwed up.

I'd also forgotten that (most likely due to my low energy level) I can't be on the go for more than one day at a time. (another one of my favorite old sitcoms!) And since I forgot that little fact, the same thing happened to me today that always happens......I had a very busy Monday and Tuesday.....and so today, I was pretty much totally worthless. Ahhh, but tomorrow is another day!

Two Announcements: Welcome new follower Joe Mirakev! Hey Joe, Whadda'ya know?! Joe is a new friend from Saturday Writers. He's a fun guy, and I can't wait to read some of his writings! It appears he's just started his blog, too, so congratulations, Joe!

Speaking of blogs: Another friend from Saturday Writers, Bea Siros, has just joined the blogging world, too! Yay for Bea! (Soon, you'll both discover how addictive it can be. Bwa ha ha ha!)

"Real friends forgive you when you mess up. Superficial ones don't." -- Becky Povich
First of all, thank you to Terri of Artful Afirmations and Patti of Fill My Cup With Beauty for becoming my two newest followers. I am always so thrilled when I see a new face or two! I truly appreciate all of you.

I posted a while back that I gave myself permission to not write, or think about writing my book...for however long it took to get back into The Zone. It has worked out really well. The self-imposed pressure was lifted. My other creative ideas began to creep back into my thoughts. It's been a nice, little "vacation" from writing!

Today, I woke up with the inkling that Today is Almost The Day! I think attending yesterday's weekly Coffee & Critique group had a lot to do with it. I didn't bring anything to read, but just being around my writer buddies and hearing their thoughts and ideas, caused my cooled-down writing desire to begin percolating again!

"You may be able to take a break from writing, but you won't be able to take a break from being a writer." - Stephen Leigh