Monday, June 15, 2015


I posted my first "Goofy Mondays" on June 1st, saying "I will attempt to be consistent with these posts." It turns out, I totally forgot about it last week! So, once again, I will attempt to remember to be consistent!
In my part of the world, we've become another area that is being deluged with rain. There is no flooding near my home, but some nearby areas are having problems. Rain, rain....please go away....go to the dry and parched regions that NEED it so desperately.

I know why this is happening. It's ALL my fault. I've been anxious to use the pool in our little subdivision, because it's been so hot and humid. But my one and only suit from the past many years, finally refused to "fit." It declared in no uncertain terms that it was tired of looking like a bulging piece of blue and yellow sausage. It actually squealed as I tried to squeeze myself into it, and I finally realized the time had come to buy a sort-of "matronly" suit. So, last Saturday, June 13th, I bought one. It was an eye-opening (and closing!) experience.
Anyway.....I think Mother Nature doesn't even want to see me at the pool....thus, all the rain. But even as I sit and type this, the sun has come out, the sky is blue, with a few white, puffy clouds. Do I dare try? I already have enough excuses for today. It will cloud up soon. It will thunder and lightning. I have lots of housework to do. I still have lots of going through stuff in my office to do, AND I REALLY, REALLY WANT TO WRITE! My muse has been slowly showing itself again.
So, I leave you with some "Goofy Mondays" funnies, from Aunty Acid!



Happy Goofy Monday, Everyone!