Saturday, November 13, 2010

* A Beautiful Day *

Today was such a wonderful day. The temperature fell to a brisk and windy mid-40s, which made it perfect for a day of fall craft fairs, and other holiday shopping. Gal pals Sherry and Crazy Rita and I met at 8:00am at our local Bread Co. By the time Sherry dropped us off, back at where Rita and I had parked our cars, it was almost 4:00pm! All three of us got a few bargains, either for our own decorations, or for Christmas gifts for others. We've known each other since we met at the same workplace in the mid 1980s and became instant friends. We can have serious discussions, but most of all we laugh and have the best of times, just being together.

Speaking of finding bargains today.....Look at my beautiful angel, HOLDING A BOOK! I didn't expect to find any "figures holding books" today, nor was I even looking for any, but this beautiful angel found me, in a huge warehouse of a store. Just about everything in the store was VERY expensive, to the point of being ridiculously expensive. But it was in an expensive neighborhood, and we were there just to browse and gawk, to be perfectly honest....and hoping to find a good sale....which didn't happen! I was the only one who found anything to buy, & I stood in line for a LONG time, to buy this beautiful little 4 inch statue for $9.00! The pictures don't do her justice. She is so lovely, and sparkly and I just love her!! So, I have 3 in my collection now! The angel, Santa and the duck!  Ahhhh, Simple Pleasures!

Welcome & thank you to my two newest followers, numbers 142 & 143: Mya and Faith Hope CherryTea! I really cannot believe that I am nearing 150 followers! It's amazing and I'm so appreciative of each and every one of you! Thank you, thank you!!

I also wanted to mention that two of my blog buddies have contests going on right now. Lisa Ricard Claro's contest ends on Monday, November 15th, so hurry on over! And Karen Lange's contest ends at noon on Wednesday, November 17th, so you need to hurry over there, as well. If anyone else is having a contest that I forgot to blog about, please let me know! I don't want to leave anyone out. And also, don't forget that MY contest ends on Monday, November 15th, too!

Tomorrow, I really must get back into my routine of writing every day, again!! I started out so well on November 1st and it lasted for about 3 whole days. Aacckkk! Hey Joe! I need another shout-out from you about Baby Steps!! Where ya been?

"I am still determined to be cheerful and happy, in whatever situation I may be; for I have also learned from experience that the greater part of our happiness or misery depends upon our dispositions, and not upon our circumstances." -- Martha Washington

* This 'n That on a Saturday Morning *

Good morning! First of all, welcome to my two newest followers: The Quintessential Magpie & Rosemills! Thank you both for taking the time to stop and comment, and also become a follower. I truly appreciate it!

Blog friend, TK Richardson over at My Writing Masquerade just listed 13 great links to various writer and publishing sites. She also has a contest that ends late Sunday, November 14th. Be sure and stop by!

Writing Contest: The Mona Schreiber Prize for Humorous Fiction and Non-Fiction. I wanted to enter this last year and just got busy and missed the deadline. Here's part of what Brad Schreiber says: "Humor is subjective. Uniqueness is suggested. Weirdness is encouraged." So, I know some of you out there definitely fit those categories! It's a "snail mail" entry and must be postmarked by December 1st.

Writing Contest: Fine Lines 55 Word Writing Contest. Fiction only. E-mail or snail-mail. Deadline December 31st. I don't know anything about this one, but it sure looks like a fun challenge! Come on, you microfiction writers out there!

Writing Contest: Windmill Women Writers. Fiction, 1000 word limit, Deadline December 3rd. Here's the story must have the word "Christmas" in it. It doesn't have to be ABOUT Christmas, though! Hmmm, interesting! Also, it doesn't mention that little bit of very important information on the Contest Guidelines page...only on the Home Page! Again, I don't know anything about this, other than it looked interesting and challenging!

I'm curious as to how many of you have entered any of the contests I've mentioned in the last few months. Please let me know, and obviously, I certainly want to hear the fantastic news of any winners or honorable mentions, etc.!! It's just for my own curiousity. I don't get paid anything for mentioning any of the contests or calls for submissions I post. I just like to share whatever information I come across that looks like it's worth sharing!

Have a beautiful, blissful Saturday!

"I'm not afraid of storms, for I'm learning how to sail my ship." Louisa May Alcott  (Little Women)