Wednesday, December 18, 2019



I've begun to come up with some pretty funny phrases when reading too fast. In fact, I think I should start keeping track of them! Just now, while glancing at the information on a Christmas song being played on TV Music Choice, I thought the title was: "River Rose and Magic Laundry." (kind of strange for a Christmas song, huh?!) So, I looked back at it and this is what it really said: 
"River Rose and Magical Lullaby."

I'm so glad I wasn't with anyone at the time, or I might have asked them if they'd ever heard of that river laundry Christmas song! 😁 

(Another good reason as a writer to edit my work, myself, 
and not just count on document check, etc.)

What about you? 
Do you glance at words too quickly and "see" the wrong words?