Saturday, September 11, 2010

** September Contest **

It's time for my September Contest! Begins today, September 11th. Ends September 18th at Midnight CDT.

Using this picture as your writing prompt, write a story about this scene, using 100 words or less. (I took this picture in September 2008, when I was visiting relatives in Iowa. It is a garden shop, but you can make it be whatever you want. It's YOUR story!) Only one entry per person, so make it a good one, because instead of a random drawing this time, I'm asking The Ronald to help me choose the best story! You do not have to be a follower. Please e-mail your story and do not put it in the comment section. 

I have set up a separate e-mail account just for contests, so mail your submission to:

So, what is the prize? I think it's pretty nice, but I'll leave it up to you to decide!

It's these 5 things. They are all brand new and have just been waiting in my "gift stash", for the right time! The kitchen towel has a crocheted button-top for hanging over hooks or knobs. I got it at a craft fair.

One pair of authentic Chicken Soup for the Soul, Comfy Cozy Socks!

This is a cute pink, shabby chic birdie tea-light holder.

This is a Pampered Chef, small serving tongs

This is the back of a tiny (about 1" square) pewter Christmas ornament.
It says: "8th in a Series of Historic St. Charles Ornaments, by Holiday House"
And then: "School House/Collier Cottage 1830"
I bought a few of these a couple of years ago when the series was ending and they were On Sale!

This is the front of this adorable building that still stands today on Main Street in Old St. Charles, Missouri.
Until not too many years ago, it was the site of Main Street Books! I loved to shop there and bought many books, CD's, book marks, note cards, you-name-it! Main Street Books is now located in a much larger store, but it is still on Main Street....just a few blocks down! I still buy quite a few items there. I always try to support small businesses and obviously a book store is one of my favorites!
P.S. I obviously remember what this date in recent history means to all of us. I'm not ignoring it. I just chose to not post anything about 9/11 today, mostly because I knew countless others would. I may at a later time, share some of my thoughts and emotions from that day, and how I feel about it all now.
"Why do writers write? Because it isn't there." - Thomas Berger