Saturday, June 13, 2015

* HAPPINESS IS........*

The Ronald appreciates the joy I have for the smallest of things. I'm not a woman of "fashion," who must have lots of shoes and purses, or getting my nails "done."

* When I hear a particular song I love................that is happiness.
* When I receive a phone call or letter from a friend or relative.....that is happiness.
* When The Ronald brings me a bouquet of flowers from the grocery store......that is happiness.
* When I get hugs......that is happiness.

Something quite insignificant happened the other day that brought me great joy. I actually had enough money to fill the tank of my PT Cruiser, BEFORE the price went up by 40 cents! I noticed a couple of gas stations with the lower price, and as I drove farther East, I noticed some were 40 cents higher, so I pulled in to the next one with the lower price......and if it had been back in the Good Old Days....I would've said to the attendant, "Fill 'er up with regular!"