Monday, June 16, 2014


It's Time for Another Living the Writer's Life

Along the same theme as my Nostalgic Sundays posts being about memories, I'm also going to have frequent blog posts titled, Living the Writer's Life. They will be guessed it: Writerly Things! I need to decide on a photo for it too, like the Andy Griffith dinner table for nostalgia. (What do y'all think about this one? I loved this when I used it for my blog header, but since it wasn't an "official" BlogSpot header, I had some problems with it. Any other suggestions, other than a laptop, or pen in hand kind of thing?)

For weeks I've mentioned Calls for Submissions and Contests that I've come across, and I'm finally getting the chance to post them. I wish I remembered where I saw each of them, so I could give credit where credit is due, but unfortunately I didn't write it down.

Click on the links below for complete contest rules and guidelines.  Good Luck!

Good Housekeeping: All About Love Contest, Deadline September 1, 2014.

Real Simple: Life Lessons Essay Contest, Deadline September 18, 2014

Mark Twain:
The Royal Nonesuch National Humor Writing Contest, Deadline June 30, 2014
I'll have more to share in the next few days.
"If writers stopped writing about what happened to them, then there would be a lot of empty pages." - Elaine Liner