Monday, May 30, 2011

* Tuesday's Tidbits *

As some of you know, I like to participate in different blog memes. At times, they're about table settings (tablescapes), or tea cup collections, which of course require photos. And as some of you also know, I've been lamenting for a LONG time about the pictures my camera takes. Very Poor Quality. Yet I still love to play around with it and take photos, especially when sunlight and shadows are involved. Below are some I took in my dining room, as the sun was going down Sunday evening. (if you click on each photo, you'll be able to view a really BIG picture!)

The one above was taken at table level. I love both the light and shadows.

I like the way the sun shown on the goblet and napkin in this one.

This one has nice sunlight and shadows, as the sun came through the blinds.

I had a great weekend, just doing the usual things around the house. I also attended our Saturday Writers meeting and had lunch afterwards, with writer friends of course! Anything relating to writing is fabulous, you know

I truly hope all of you had a wonderful weekend, no matter where you are or what you did. 

Hello & Welcome to The Thumber, my newest follower! I hope you'll stop by often and always enjoy what you read and see! Thank you!

"There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer." ~ Ansel Adams

"Writing is my time machine, takes me to the precise time and place I belong."  ~Jeb Dickerson

* Memorial Day 2011 *

Quick post for today: I just wanted to say that every Memorial Day I honestly remember why we "celebrate." It used to be known as Decoration Day years ago. That's because it was the day families and friends laid wreaths and other patriotic decorations on loved ones graves....those who died in wars.

During our barbecues, picnics, and parties celebrating the beginning of summer, let's remember why it's possible that we're here today. And although I think it's necessary to remember and thank those who have died (and those hundreds/thousands who have been maimed in wars), I also believe in the quote below:

"Why do we kill people who are killing people to show that killing people is wrong?" -- Holly Near