Wednesday, October 23, 2013

* Books, Bookmarks, & Creativity *

Hello All ~

Below is a picture of a handmade bookmark. 
It's made with yarn of varying shades.
It's about 7 inches long.
And it's supposed to represent a hair braid, or pigtail! 
I'd love to have 50 of these so I could give one away 
with the first 50 of my memoir that I sell. 
But I have a bit of a problem....

I made this one, but I really don't have time to make another 49! 

Would any of my local blog pals like to get together for a bookmark making session?!
I'll provide the yarn and scissors, and a few snacks and non-alcoholic drinks! 
I am 100% serious, so please either leave a comment, or e-mail me with possible dates and times you would be available. 

Please pass the word along because I'll need these soon!


P.S. To those who knew about the tweezers and barrettes promo, I'm putting that on the back burner for the time being. More info on that later....

"I'd never been a collector...until I latched onto bookmarks." -- Lauren Roberts (BiblioBuffet)