Saturday, February 6, 2010

** It's Working Again! More News To Follow! **

Yay! I can blog again! I can blog again!  Thanks to all my blogger buddies who so quickly answered my request this morning for help. I was really surprised at the swiftness and kind words......although, I shouldn't have been.....y'all are wonderful people!

Unfortunately, I had already tried everything everyone suggested, and it still would not let me post anything new. I could swear I also tried it on my main computer and not just my laptop....but, as I just signed on and tried it here on the main is working! Alas, the laptop is still not working, but that can certainly wait for now, until I can send out a call for help!!

How stifling it's been to not be able to blog. How frantic I've felt! Guess I'm kind of addicted, huh?!

* On February 3rd, I wrote about having some new ideas for my blog. (Not being able to post, wasn't one of them!) I thought of the NANOWRIMO "Word Counter" that many used during November. I wanted to have something similar to let people know how well, or not so well, I'm doing with writing my book. So, my hope is to add a new Gadget on the right had column, to display that information. I won't always be posting a word count, because some days I may just be organizing some things I've already written and putting them into chapters. I may post how many chapters or pages I've written, also, instead of a word count. I think it will really help and encourage me, having that to look at! So, please feel free to make comments about what you see on it, too. You can't leave comments on the Gadget area itself, but you can leave one at my newest post, or whatever I might think of later.

Thanks again to all my friends who answered my call for help this morning.....even those kind enough to answer and say, "I have no answers!"

"How beautiful a day can be, when kindness touches it!" -- George Elliston