Thursday, May 28, 2015


(which I haven't written in a LONG time!)
I wonder how many people (adults and children alike) still look up at clouds and find joy in "seeing" various things: animals, objects, faces, etc.
I've enjoyed doing that for many years and I believe it's one of my favorite simple pleasures, but I had no idea there is an actual word for it: Pareidolia: (par-i-DOH-lee-a) Seeing Faces in Unusual Places.
Various websites can easily be found, explaining more about it, and it really is an interesting subject, to me, anyway!
So, why am I writing about Pareidolia in my "I WONDER" post?
WELL, this afternoon I washed out Vern's food and water bowls with an SOS pad, and then instead of throwing it immediately away, I put it aside on top of a paper towel. Then I finished rinsing and drying, and put the bowls back on the floor.
When I looked back at the used SOS pad, I laughed out loud, because this is what I saw:

From this angle, I see a cute, little animal face, like a baby seal.  
From this angle, I see a scary face: scary eyes,
 and a screaming mouth.

* I promise I did not touch the pad or change it in any way. I just took the top photo from an angle and this one I took straight on.
  I wonder.....what do YOU see??