Sunday, April 11, 2010

** Random Thoughts on a Sunday Night **

Here's a few things of interest:

1) I visited Bylines Calendar this evening and noticed what appeared to be a new page, at least to me. Click on the tab that says Writers' Resources, and you will find an abundant list of websites that pertain to many different areas of writing. I didn't count them, but at a glance I'd say it's near one hundred sites! I didn't even begin to start clicking away on any of them. I plan to get to bed before midnight tonight!

2) I love reading all my friends' blogs, obviously, but even more so when they have good news to share about their writing. One such person tonight is: Janel of Janel's Jumble. Click on the link and read about her exciting publishing news, posted on April 11th and 12th. Congrats, Janel!

3) I also love reading hilarious blogs, which many of my friends also write. A recent one is at Tammy's. Click on the link and read her post from Saturday, April 10th. Make sure you read the quote at the end of the post! If you don't laugh out loud, then come back and let me know......(and I don't expect to hear back from anyone!)

4) Tiny Lights has posted the Essay Contest winners and runner-uppers. I didn't recognize any names, but maybe some of you will know of someone, who knows someone, etc. Don't forget you can always submit something for various online publications there.

5) Another "find" of mine, and I must've seen this blog on someone's blog roll, is The Slush Pile. It is the blog of a flash magazine, appropriately named:  Flash Me Magazine. I don't know that much about it....have never submitted anything to it, but it looks pretty cool. It says: "FLASH ME MAGAZINE is a quarterly publication brought to you by Winged Halo Productions. We are a paying market, accepting all genres of fiction under 1,000 words. We are one of the few markets that offer editorial feedback with rejection letters."  I think it would be worth looking into further, for all you fiction writers!

 ** Please know that just because I highlighted Janel's and Tammy's blogs tonight, doesn't mean I don't love all y'alls!  (Hey, I'm starting to sound like my Southern blog buddies!)

"No matter how good you are at something, there's always about a million people better than you." -- Homer Simpson