Friday, May 14, 2010

** Alive & Well on a Friday Night **

As the title above states: I am alive and well and it's Friday evening.

I'm in the midst of another one of my many "projects".......which does not include writing my book. Never fear, though, the book is only getting temporarily pushed slightly aside, NOT going all the way to the back burner!

For those who asked and/or are curious: I'm still waiting for my lab results, but did receive my x-ray results. I have....and to quote my doctor, "a fair amount of arthritis in [my] neck, and a loss of disc height." (Hey! I can't afford to lose any more height!!) She also said she "was surprised [I] wasn't in any more pain than [I] described." (Well, I actually was happy to hear all that! It proved I wasn't complaining for no reason. And also, I've always thought I had a very low pain level, so I must be quite a tough broad, after all!)

I'm blaming my husband! He's a foot taller than me... and I've had to look waaaaay up... all these years!!