Thursday, May 14, 2009


The cathedral of learning at the University of Pittsburgh. (Pitt)
What a gorgeous building! The tallest school building in the USA.


My son, Mark, and I arrived home last night after a whirlwind trip to Pittsburgh, Pa. He wanted to meet 2 profs at the University of Pittsburgh, where he may want to apply for grad school.

We flew Air Tran because it was the most economical way to go. (Interpretation: Cheap!)But that also meant, long layovers. We didn't fly the way the birds would. Oh, no! We flew to Pittsburgh via ...... Atlanta....with 4 hour layovers both ways! ugh... BUT, my lovely niece, Tammy, was able to visit with us at the ATL airport on our trip home, so that was really nice.

The city of Pittsburgh is really very pretty! And the area where U of Pitt is (plus Carnegie Melon U) was absolutely beautiful. I really want to go back sometime, when I can spend more days, and also visit old friend, Debbie, who lives near there.