Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Hello Everyone! 

* The winner of my book give-away from Wednesday, May 22nd is.....McGuffy Ann! Congratulations! I also mention it in the comment section of that post: http://beckypovich.blogspot.com/2013/05/books-dogs-give-away.html 


In spite of the yucky, rainy, dark, dismal, cloudy, and almost floody weather at my house.....I will NOT let this weather get me down.....(although I hate it!)....I'm following my sister-in-law's example and reminding myself that compared to the recent horrible destruction and loss of lives in other areas, I have nothing to complain about! 

So.....to begin:


I'll supply my own sunshine!
One of my favorite local trails. (2009)

Mmmm....a strawberry dipped in chocolate and chilled. (2011)

A gift from a very good writer-friend! (2012)

Vern snoozing on the deck. What a sweetie!

Lake of the Ozarks...Ahhhhhh (2011)

Beautiful blue sky and huge, puffy, white, cotton candy clouds! (2012)


AND, how can anyone keep from being happy when hearing this??
Birds chirping, music playing, Julie Andrews singing!