Saturday, March 13, 2010

** Tiny Lights: A Journal of Personal Narrative **

 Tiny Lights - The newest Searchlights & Signal Flares are posted. The question for the month was: "Where does your mind go when it wanders?"  I wish more of you would enter something for these! Some months the questions are really a challenge. (You'll find me posted there!) It's an excellent opportunity to submit serious or humorous thoughts and be published online. There is no fee, no word count. You can also post your website, blog, and/or e-mail address. I can confirm that people have found my blog because of this. Below is a portion of the description from Tiny Lights:

"Searchlights & Signal Flares" is an opportunity to support and be supported by a community of writers, to let a flash of your own light be seen and shared. You are invited to respond to the following questions (deadlines in parentheses), and if your answers adhere to the posted guidelines, they will be published on the website-no fuss, muss or editing.

If that isn't enough to wake up those sleeping ideas in your head, here's another area of Tiny Lights you'll want to check out. Flash in the Pan: a Quarterly Posting.

One more thing. Those of you that entered the essay contest last month will be pleased to know the winners are due to be announced April 10th!

"The two noblest of things, which are sweetness and light." -- Jonathan Swift  (The Battle of the Books)