Sunday, June 15, 2014


Those who have been frequent visitors to my blog and/or have read my memoir, know that I didn't have much of a relationship with my dad after my parents divorced when I was a young girl. I adored him during the years he and my mother were married, and devastated by his absence afterwards. He lived in other states, remarried, and was so self-absorbed, he just wasn't a dad anymore to my brother and me.

Although my mother bad-mouthed him every chance she got, I remember her saying us kids should send him Father's Day cards every year. I'm sure she hoped he would feel ashamed and guilty when reading our cards, although I don't know if that ever worked or not.

Those first couple of years, I'd search through the Father's Day cards, and choose an age-appropriate one, as in "To Daddy." But, it didn't take very long before I knew in my heart that I just couldn't send him a card that said what a wonderful father he was. Every now and then, I'd find a card that just said very plainly, "Happy Father's Day," and that one I allowed myself to purchase. The older I got, though, reading the loving sentiments inside the cards just made me think What a joke, and I stopped buying any.

My on-again, off-again tradition of mailing Father's Day cards to him continued all through my adulthood, and until his death in 2002. I never gave up my wish to have that loving, dependable father that eluded me all those years.

I hope everyone who had, or still has, a wonderful father, knows how fortunate they are! Be sure and tell them you love them.
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