Monday, November 18, 2013

* It Could Only Happen To Me *

One of the chapters in my memoir is titled, "I Was Born with Klutz Genes," where I relate stories of my various trips and falls, stumbles and sprawls, missteps and spills.

This morning a goofy, klutzy thing happened to me. The Ronald drove me to downtown St. Louis so I could drop off copies of my memoir along with press releases, at a couple of places. There was a curb right at the radio station's front door, so it was easy to grab my purse and brief case and walk right in.

Not so easy at the next stop. Of course not. There wasn't anywhere to park, so about a block away from the building, The Ronald just kind of pulled over and stopped. The plan again, was for me to jump out of the car, so he could drive off, but as we know, plans don't always go the way they are ....well....planned!

As I stepped out of the car, my right hand held onto my briefcase, and my lightweight suit jacket was thrown over the crook of my left arm. AND, as I reached down to get my purse from the floorboard, my foot had already gotten tangled up with the purse handle, and I almost fell. The wind was blowing like crazy and as I stumbled, somehow I dropped my jacket onto the street, and the wind blew it right under The Ronald's car! In split seconds, I thought....Well, there goes that jacket. Good thing it was a "cheapie." I kept looking on the street in front of the car, because surely it should've been blown that far, but no....nothing. I peaked under the car and didn't see anything there, either. Finally I told The Ronald to back up slightly, and there it lay....right in a little "oil puddle." I grabbed it, threw it back over my arm, snatched my purse from the floor, and practically skidded across the sidewalk, as the wind blew me along.

To be continued......tomorrow!

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