Friday, May 20, 2011

* Back to Normal....Maybe? *

What is normal, anyway? These days I don't know. Or if there even is a "normal" anymore. My blog buddy, Toby Speed, wrote an excellent post yesterday called "Things I miss about the low-tech life." I felt as if she read a part of my mind, a part that I hadn't even listened to yet. Ahhh, so that's what's wrong with me! I'm a semi-techno-junkie. I love my blog friends and being able to find fast answers to earth shattering questions on what was the actor's name in that bit part in that little known movie from 1946?

I'm not on Twitter yet, and I barely log in to Facebook anymore. I just never got the whole point of Facebook, I guess, especially since I have a blog and much rather spend time in blogland. And, I have a Blackberry which I'm kinda, sorta addicted to. ☺

So, thank you, Toby! This weekend, I am taking a semi-vacation from Techno-Land. If you happen to stop by, you just might see me doing one or more of the household chores below....AND with a smile on my face!

 I also plan on putting pen to paper and mailing some handwritten notes.

 AND, I plan to do a little journaling in addition to my "normal" writing on my laptop.

What about you? Do you feel stressed, flying through cyberspace at excessive speeds? Do you try to keep a happy medium of old versus new? And if

“Slow down and enjoy life. It's not only the scenery you miss by going too fast - you also miss the sense of where you are going and why.” -- Eddie Cantor

* I Wonder *

This is my 2nd attempt at my new "I Wonder" posts, which I'll try to do on Fridays. (Yes, unfortunately that is me on the right....without any makeup, and my glasses are on top of my head. Not one of my better photos I must say, but hey....I've shown bad photos of myself before.....and at least some of you keep returning!)

I Wonder: If it will ever quit raining here.

I Wonder: Why most of the foods I love aren't good for me.

I WonderIf I'll ever witness a total eclipse of the sun, in person. (this is one of my most desired wishes!)