Saturday, August 14, 2010

** Happy Saturday Evening **

I positively couldn't believe what I saw when I opened my blog this evening. I have 100 Followers!

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When I began this blog I didn't really think I needed one, but some of my writer friends urged me to give it a try, and thank goodness they did! I have learned so much through blogging. There are always posts to read about upcoming writing contests, calls for submissions, writing prompts, memes, and blog contests, etc. I've "met" some wonderful people, too. Some are writers, some are artists, some are decorators and collectors, some live in the US, some in other countries. I'm truly amazed by it all.

Besides learning all kinds of information, sharing photos of some of my little treasures, searching for just the right quote to end a post, I have recently realized that blogging for almost 2 years has made me a better writer. Although I've felt at times that I spend too much time blogging, I know that the book I'm writing would not be the quality it is now, if I hadn't been writing posts almost daily. It's all been a work in progress. I needed this time and practice and knowledge to hone my writing and hopefully make my book worth millions of people! : D

If anyone is interested, here is the link for my first post in November 2008.

I can't thank everyone enough. I truly appreciate the comments, the friendship, and the camaraderie.

"For memory has painted this perfect day with colors that never fade, and we find at the end of a perfect day the soul of a friend we've made." -- Carrie Jacobs Bond

* Happy Saturday Morning & The Winner *

Although I spent another night of minimal sleep, I'm feeling bright and cheery this morning.....and in spite of a slight headache! Why, you may ask? I really don't know! I'm just in one of my I'm so happy to be alive moods!

Oh, the minimal sleep was due to:
A) Trying to catch up on reading my blog buddies' posts and commenting on them. I've still got lots more to read this weekend.
B)  Another night of thunder storms that scared Tiger, so I slept on the couch in the family room, because that's the only place she wants to be during those times.
C)  So many ideas going through my head that I want to write about!

And, speaking of writing, I have the winner of the PDF copy of Margaret Norton's book, When Ties Break.
It's June Freaking Cleaver!! Yay!


June, I will e-mail the PDF to you right away!

Thanks again to Margaret for her very insightful interview! I look forward to meeting her in person when she's in town for book signings!

I have so much more I want to blog about, but that will have to wait until later.......

"A successful person is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks that others throw at him or her." ~David Brinkley