Monday, February 22, 2016


In 2013, Ron and I moved into our "first" of smaller, downsizing-homes. We rented because at the time, we weren't sure exactly where we wanted to live. It was a townhouse and had plenty of room and storage and I really loved it there. Ron...not so much... mostly because that's when his knees were finally causing him enough pain that he was almost ready to have knee-replacement surgery. I could've lived there forever, but as plans usually go...we moved, and ended up in a little condo that is almost perfect.

Some of you might remember one of the pictures I posted on my blog, shortly after we moved into the townhouse:

I'm posting it here again because of the paper wreath on the wall,
 and that's what has to do with "More Creative Passions"!

In my previous post, I wrote about creative passions, and my passion for writing. This post is about an artistic talent that one of my daughters-in-law has...about ONE of them, because she is multi-talented. I'll call her "M" and she made the paper wreath on the wall. You can click on the photo to see it much larger. She made lots of other 3D wall designs and I asked her around that time if she could make me a wreath, using pages from my book...when I finally got it finished, and published! After that initial conversation, I honestly forgot about it until just a few months ago, and I asked her in an email if she still made those wreaths. I never got a reply but didn't think anything more about it. She's busy, she forgot, whatever.

On Christmas Day, I was presented with the most beautiful, artistically unique, made with love and creative passion...a wall hanging, made from pages of my book. She even named it: Reading and Roses.

These are real, dried roses, and real the paper roses, obviously!



I think it's an amazing gift and one that I will cherish forever.