Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Very Writerly Day

Today was one of my favorite kind of days. Talking about writing with other writers who love to talk about writing! Gimme that, a pen and paper, coffee, a snack....that's about all I need. Then after I'm home and have had time for everything to sink in, I open up my laptop and WRITE ABOUT MY WRITERLY DAY.

Got up early. Finally got my flash fiction contest story completed and mailed. (500 words or less...and I worked on it for hours/days....editing...writing....editing....and after the 10th or 15th edited version....It was ready to mail.)

Attended a brand new writers group. Met some new people. Also discussed and learned some things about the audio-visual business and how it works for promoting books.
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I've been asked a few times about Christian writers markets. I learned about one today that I didn't know of. It's a children's magazine, designed for 8 to 12 year olds: Pockets. I briefly looked it over. They pay for the accepted submissions, too, so if that's the genre you're looking for, click on the link and check it out. They accept stories/articles, poetry and what they referred to as "activities & games".
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I'm very happy to share portions of the e-mail I received today from author/designer extraordinaire, (Ms.) Michael Lee West:
I wanted to share exciting news about my new novel. The pub date for Gone With a Handsomer Man has been moved up to April 12. Barnes and Noble has selected the book as a Mother's Day pick, which was a delightful surprise and an honor.

When my first novel, Crazy Ladies, was published, the sticker price was under $10. Twenty one years later, the cost has gone up, up, up. So I thought I would pass along a pre-order discount for my new book, Gone With a Handsomer Man. You can save $10.94 by pre-ordering (hardcover). The price will increase to $24.99 on April 12. It should also be available at your local library (or via library loan) after the pub date.

You can read the first chapter at

Also, if you'd like a free bookplate and bookmark, they should be ready soon. The bookplates have a darling peach logo, in honor of Teeny's peachy background. Just email me at ( if you are interested. Let me know how you would like the bookplate--autographed and/or personally inscribed. Also, let me know how many you'd like.
I already responded and asked for my bookplate because I'm definitely going to buy this book....AND definitely going to take advantage of the very generous pre-order price.

That's it for tonight, folks. I hope everyone had a beautiful, blissful day today. I know I did.

"To live is so startling it leaves little time for anything else." -- Emily Dickinson

Borders is Closing - Big Sales

The Borders in St. Peters is closing. Not a surprise to many of us, since it's practically across the street from Barnes & Noble.....and also the fact that their inventory began to dwindle over a year ago. When I was in there a couple of weeks ago, it was really stripped down.

The good news for customers is the SALE PRICES. I just received an e-mail with the EVERYTHING MUST GO words in it. The sale starts today. I imagine it will be like the Christmas rush. I'm sure I'll have to stop by and at least LOOK!

Welcome and Hello to my newest follower, Patti! Thanks so much, Patti, and I hope you always enjoy stopping by.
"So many books, so little time." -- Unknown