Tuesday, February 22, 2011

* If I Think It's Thursday, It Must Be Tuesday *

I know I've used this title before, or something very similar, but it's exactly how I feel today! Deja Vu .... All Over Again!

My blog posts and comments are going to get fewer and far between. I'm getting down to the last stretch of the race.....completing my memoir......and I've got to concentrate on it now more than ever.

I will tell you this, too.....I'm 99% sure I've chosen the title.....and possibly the cover! I just have to get with my publisher and go over it with her.

It's hard to stay in my chair and keep writing and editing, when I'm bouncing off the walls with excitement! ☺

Oh, also Hello and Welcome to my two newest followers: Donna Fentanes & Catherine Lavoie! Thank you and I hope you continue to stop by whenever you have the time!

"Right now is the best time to lead and charge and check off one more action step toward the realization of your vision." -- Pat Croce