Thursday, December 29, 2011

* Writing, Journaling, & Self Growth *

Yesterday I wrote about the 2012 desk calendar, Bylines, and what a wonderful aide it is for writers. Even though I love the technology and ease of my laptop, I still have to write things down if I'm going to remember them. Yes, I know there are calendars on the computer and on my Blackberry, but I am old-fashioned in many ways. I must write important notes, appointments, deadlines, etc. Then the words are right there, for me to see, in black and white (or whatever marvelous ink color I choose to use!) And because of my need for organization, I've just ordered my Bylines Calendar, and I'm establishing my goals.

*Note added 12/30/11 at 10:30am:  I just realized that Tama Kieves' photo looks remarkably like my profile photo! Mine was taken years ago. I swear I did not copy her pose!!

"My Life in 2012: Accomplishing My Goals." 

Part One:  Using my Bylines Calendar.

Part Two:  Writing Daily.

(And I don't mean blog writing, but there will be time for that, as well.)

My plan for daily writing will begin on January 2nd, (because it's Monday) and will involve Mari McCarthy's journaling book, "Peace of Mind and Body." Mari is a writer, singer, and journaling guru.
I received her jouraling book in a blog give-away a few months ago, but I never "found" the time to begin writing in it. I'm SO ready to begin now.

Tama Kieves is the author of "This Time I Dance! Creating the Work You Love." Tama's book was given to me a few years ago by someone who knew my dream of being a published writer. That book changed my life! Since then, I've purchased it once or twice to give as gifts to writer friends. It's one of those books you go back to from time to time, to re-read the inspiring words, to jump start that fire in your soul!

There are other writers and speakers who've written valuable books on these same subjects. I'll try to share them tomorrow.

Also, I've been reading blogs of other writers and their goals for next year. I'll try to share some of their ideas and suggestions tomorrow, too.

Instead of quotes this time, I'm posting two of the Sub Chapters in Tama's book:

"Just Start Dancing and The Band Will Find You."

"When You Nurture Yourself, You Nurture Your Dreams."