Monday, August 4, 2014


How have you been?? What all is happening in your lives?

I'm really looking forward to getting caught up on everyone's blogs! (or I should say "attempt" to get caught up, because we all know how bad I am at actually making the rounds.)

I have photos and fun tidbits to share so I'll be back as soon as I can. First, I must begin laundry and other household-like duties, while I listen to my 2-Disc copy of.... The Best Summer Songs......Ever!

                 Meet Me In Margaritaville: The Ultimate Collection
P.S. At approximately 9:30 pm CDT, I sent out my Inaugural Edition of my E-Newsletter!! Finally! I intend to send one monthly from now on. AND it does contain different information than I post here on my blog, so you may want to sign up for it. There's a place on the right side to do that, but it can also be done here:
Thanks and goodnight!