Thursday, June 8, 2017


As some of you know, the past few months/years have been a bit stressful in many ways, and yet every now and then, there always seems to be something to be completely ecstatic about.

My favorite online dictionary, always has a Word of the Day and yesterday's, June 7th, was one of my all time favorites: Serendipity.

Such an appropriate word! A couple of really great things happened to me this fact, both on the same day: Tuesday, June 6th. My spirit would've been lifted by just one, but the two of them together were simply serendipitous! 😊

1) Tuesday I was interviewed for a part-time job, was hired, and I start next week.

2) And also on Tuesday, I was notified that a story I submitted will be published in the upcoming book, Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Dog Really Did That?

I'm extremely excited about both, and especially the way they both happened....You know, those "meant to be" things?

The job came about because of a friend, in a zig-zaggy kind of way.

And, I haven't had anything published anywhere since 2013, and my most recent Chicken Soup acceptance was 2008!

Now, if I can just lose about 20 lbs. really fast so I can fit into my business casual clothes!