Thursday, April 7, 2016


I  was shocked and saddened to hear about the recent death of Merle Haggard. He was younger than I'd thought, too. I guess because of his hard life...and hard livin' took its toll on him.

As a teenager, I DID NOT like country music. I was into The Beatles, MoTown, Rolling Stones, etc.

But as a young 20-Something wife of an Army Specialist in Germany during the early 1970s, I learned to not only tolerate country music, but to really love many of the songs and performers. We had no TV or telephone, but did have a nice stereo system with a radio, turntable, and great speakers. I listened to the Armed Forces Network (AFN) all day long, and the programs varied because of the diverse community of the US Army. Pretty smart, huh? SO, when country music came on, I began to like it and sing along. Plus, when bands played at our local Service Club (a small version of a USO) they, too, played an assortment of music genre.

One of the songs performed countless times, "Silver Wings" was a big hit of Merle Haggard's. It held special meaning to all of us wives and servicemen since we were so far from home...and to those who maybe had to leave their spouses back in the States.

from You Tube

When a "celebrity" dies, I'm less saddened because of what we still have them: movies, records, TV appearances, etc. I'll be playing my Merle Haggard CDs and loving that voice of his again and again.

What a handsome man he was...way back when....