Sunday, April 16, 2017


Easter always arrives on a day in March or April. Personally, I prefer April, just because chances are better that the weather might cooperate and there will be such outdoor beauty to behold.


I couldn't find a picture of any of the traditional Easter cakes I made just about every year when my boys were growing up, but I found this online. It is similar...somewhat!

Mine would have white frosting, tinted green coconut just on the top, a few jelly beans, just on the top, and a few yellow chicken peeps (the original!) on the top! I know I have printed photos somewhere...but that's a whole other find them.


I'm feeling a bit melancholy today....and I've been like this for a while now. I'm pretty sure I know what is causing it and I just need to work my way through it, as I've always done when things have gotten me down. (It has nothing to do with any health issues of mine or my family, so no worries.)

Last night I was jumping around my blog and others', and read a few really old blog posts...tablescapes, thrift store finds, photos of this 'n that, especially humorous ones...and I loved sensing the joy I felt when I wrote them, and I want that back. It's not that I don't have any joy at all right now, but anyone who has read my blog with any regularity knows that I haven't blogged much worthwhile in a LONG time.

I certainly didn't intend on this becoming a "downer," so I'll leave with some cute and/or funny things.

                            Happy Easter Everyone!

Thursday, April 13, 2017


This song came to my mind the other day, because of something I read on a friend's blog. I chose to share this version when I saw it was sung by the Harlem Boys' Choir. Such beautiful profound...

(When my church used to play this years ago, I never could sing along because I'd be in tears...haunting words and glorious melody...I hope you enjoy.)

 * I had to turn my volume way may need to, also. *

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

It seems like most of my posts are about time flying by, and I intend to stop it! Yes, indeed! I'm going to stop it right now...Writing about it, that is.....since there's nothing I can actually do about slowing it down. You know that saying, "It is what it is."

I hope to begin blogging again with some type of routine. 
I miss the writing, which is a very good thing.

You Tube

I've got some ideas beginning to percolate, too, which is such a great feeling! I truly thought I'd lost the desire to write.
AND, I miss my blog friends! Yes! I miss reading your blogs and staying connected!

The two following sentences were included in my post of January 2nd of this year:

1) I do hope to fit in some other creative-type pursuits.
2) And I truly want to become consistent in living an organized life.
I'm working on those and succeeding quite a bit, especially the "organized life" part. Have I mentioned that Ron and I moved again?? I feel like a military wife....a very old military wife! Ha! In fact this last move...and I DO mean part of what inspired me to start writing, as usual, Everything Happens For a Reason.

And as I wrote on the upper right column of my blog, in November 2016: I'm not sure what my dreams are, but I'm anxious to find out. Maybe when I get to that fork in the road, I should take it!

P.S. Did any of you click on the percolator to hear its sound? I had to turn my volume all the way up to hear it. Loved it. It's such a neat reminder of an every day occurrence in my mother's kitchen when I was growing up.

"SOMETIMES ON THE WAY TO YOUR DREAM, YOU GET LOST AND FIND A BETTER ONE." - Unknown (as seen on River's blog, "Drifting Through Life")

*** Aaaacccckkkkk! Please let me know if you see a few sentences in teeny-tiny print! I keep changing the font size over and over and over.....and I keep seeing it as tiny! This blogger is *&@#$!    Yep, it's fixed finally!