Friday, July 17, 2009

** Various Thoughts **

1) I just looked back at a post I began on July 13th about "getting by on little sleep"....I'd been full of energy that day, after only getting about 4 hours of sleep the night before. I felt so good and proud of myself for getting so many things accomplished. That happens from time to time.....and then ka-boom! A day or two later, I experience one of my "sleep marathon" days. I do nothing BUT sleep. Awww, so much for feeling great and as if I'm Super Energetic Woman!

2) I've been ranting and raving for months....maybe a year or more....about my dishwasher. It has never cleaned properly, I swear, from the day we got it. I should've complained, taken it back, whatever...right away, but didn't. Anyway....I've been wishing and hoping that it would just completely break down, so I could get a new one. Well, a funny thing happened on my trek to a new dishwasher....I decided I don't want one.....YET anyway! I've totally been enjoying washing my dishes the old-fashioned hand! My kitchen sink is in front of a window looking out to my back yard. I see part of our beautiful deck that my husband designed, and built by hand, entirely by himself, just a couple of years ago. I also see our bird feeder which can give hours of pleasure, just watching the birds and squirrels fighting to get at the bird the birds, squirrels and bunny rabbits that all take turns eating the seeds that have fallen on the grass below. I also see trees swaying in the breeze, or standing motionless during calm days. Best of all, though, I gaze at my new wind chimes as the pipes gently swing and tap each other, making such glorious sounds, I couldn't feel any emotions other than enchantment and joy.