"It is possible at any age to discover a lifelong desire you never knew you had." - Robert Brault

"That there are no random acts. That we are all connected. That you can no more separate one life from another than you can separate a breeze from the wind." - Mitch Albom, The Five People You Meet in Heaven.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Today, inside my nice, warm home it was a very busy, writerly kind of day and I accomplished many things. 

Outside, though, it was COLD and windy and I didn't stay out a second longer than I had to. I urged Vern to please hurry and do his thing, which he totally ignored. When we came back inside, even though I'd been bundled up really well, I was frozen. 

This called for two very important things. The first was to make a cup of Maxwell House International Latte, Pumpkin Spice! I normally drink plain ol' black coffee, but when I'm chilled to the bone, I want something special. (I'm not a huge fan of hot chocolate.) I bought this container sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas and I love the flavor.  

The second very important thing was a pair of gloves that I could wear and still type on my laptop keyboard! I just snipped off the fingertips of these Dollar Tree terry cloth gloves and voila...warm hands with fast-flying-fingers! 


I have so many writerly things to share and talk about, but this post is already getting a bit long. SO, I'll mention a couple of things, and continue with more in the next day or so. How does that sound?

I've been working diligently on a guest blog post which should be available to read sometime soon. I also have two interviews coming up in the next few days, as part of my Book-Blog-Tour. More info on both shortly.


St. Peters Cultural Arts Centre Writing Series

NEW! The Poet and Writer’s Pen
Jan. 23, Feb. 20, March 13, Sep. 18, Oct. 16 & Nov. 20
6:30-8:30 p.m. • $3 per session (in advance or at the door)

Attention all poets and writers! Come join us for a creative, literary and musical evening in our galleries. You don’t have to be a seasoned writer to join us. In fact, you may just want to come to listen. Each writer will be given eight minutes in which to share their original written or musical work. A sign-up will be available at the door. Since time is limited, performances will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

For more information or to register, please contact the St. Peters Cultural Arts Centre at 636.397.6903, ext.1624.


The above notice is for people in the St. Louis & St. Charles County, Missouri area. A couple of weeks ago when I was at the Arts Centre, I picked up a paper flyer about this event. I searched and searched online for more information, but could not find a thing. Long story short: It was the last thing listed on a web page for "Art Classes." 

There's also this from the same page:

Time for Tea and Creativity: Write it Down!
Feb. 12, 1-3 p.m.

$7 (includes cake, cookies, tea and coffee) 

Spend an enjoyable afternoon among friends learning about far away places and self-expression.
Register in advance at the St. Peters Cultural Arts Centre or by calling 636.397.6903, ext. 1624. 

Do you wish you could express yourself through poems, short stories, photos or essays? Or, perhaps you already do. Come to this program with an open mind and the willingness to share your thoughts, feelings and experiences with others. There will be several fun, interactive games to spark your creative genius. Please bring a photocopied photograph of a loved one (it could be you) to the tea no larger than a 5X7.


So, to all writers/bloggers in this area, here are a couple of fun and unique events that cost very little! 

I'll be back tomorrow with more Writerly News! Thank you!


  1. I have a pair of fingerless gloves, I bought them already fingerless though, no snipping required. They're so handy when your hands get too cold but you still need to type.

  2. I love your writerly news. And salute your dedication.

  3. Nothing worse than cold hands and we so know that one as our heating broke. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. I wish I didn't live so far from St. Peters - I'd love to attend both of those!

  5. Sure wish I was close enough to attend some of this, Becky! Such good things occur on your side of the state! Have a good day.

  6. Great information. Those do look like great events!

  7. I'm not bothered by cold fingers, my problem is my toes, oh well, I don't type with my toes. Hope all is well with you today, and the work slows down a bit for you, like that will ever happen...Have a nice week.

  8. Finger-less gloves and pumpkin latte - that's exactly what I need right now! Loved this post - it made me smile here in dreary, frozen PA! :-)

  9. Hi Becky...Clever way to solve cold hands inside! I like the pumpkin spice, too. Yummy. Hope your week goes well. Susan

  10. Those gloves are genius! I have a can of the International Coffee, I think french vanilla....I'm also not a huge cocoa fan. I need to go cut up some gloves and make me a cup. Love good ideas for cold days :)

  11. I like your gloves, but glad i don't need them. it's in the 60's here, more like Spring. i love it.
    You sure stay busy Becky and yet you consider yourself to have low energy. You're amazing.

  12. Hi Becky. Haven't really needed gloves at all over here yet this year, as it's been pretty mild. I probably shouldn't have said that. We'll probably be in the midst of a blizzard now within the next few days!! LOL!! Your fingerless gloves were ideal, and I must say that the Maxwell House drink sounds rather gorgeous! Keep warm.

  13. nice solution to the cold hands situation ... ya gotta love a dollar store!!! Enjoy your very yummy sounding drink!!!

  14. Your writerly events sound great! Rick's brother lives in St. Louis as does a good friend. Are you there or not far? Someday we'll road trip!

    I lucked out at Dollar Tree late this summer. They had those cute gloves, but they were layered -- the full glove and then another glove over it with no fingertips. You could separate them and at my desk you'll often find me wearing the fingerless part! Mine are pink and black. Love 'em!

  15. Pumpkin spice latte? I will be right over, cold or not! ;-)

  16. Sorry that it is so cold there! We are back to 50* and sunny here. Where is our snow??? It is nice though, and I think that we are going to take the preschool kids on a long walk this afternoon. Your new gloves are cute and I'm glad that you got so much done. Best of luck on your interviews, Becky!

    Kathy M.

  17. Gasp-- LOVE the gloves. You are brilliant. I am taking a cozy-me day today. After last year, I find myself clenching my jaw way too much. I need a me day-- hot tea, long baths, a walk in the sunshine, reading, journaling. Tucking in to replenish the soul.

  18. Even though Perth has fairly mild winters there are times I don my pair of mittens when using my keyboard.
    I've never had a latte, let alone a pumpkins spice one!! Sounds delicious.
    I never feel amazed at all you manage to fit into your busy life. It is all so interesting.

  19. I swear to goodness, I never thought about snipping the ends of the fingers off gloves....l'm feeling foolish for all the pair of crochet fingerless gloves I've made and now well..........slap me silly!

  20. The coffee sounds yummy and I loved the tip about the gloves for cold hands when inside typing. I wanted to thank you for your recent visit to my blog and I glad that you enjoyed Book Quote Saturday. I started doing this Saturday post because I had many quotes that I had saved from books that I had read and I wanted to share them with my readers. It is not a meme but if you wanted to do a Book Quote Saturday post please mention where you got the idea and do a link back to my post that would be great.

  21. Hot chocolate with a touch of Bailey's or Rumchata always warms me up pronto!

    Critter Alley

  22. I could swear I replied to every one of these comments.....I think my laptop doesn't have a "virus," but it has a "ghost!"

  23. Hi Becky ... hope you're continuing to stay warm and Vern's bladder is cooperating! Actually, I'm a bit envious of the winter y'all are experiencing.... my favorite season, and where am I? In the kitty-litter capital of the nation, Phoenix. It's supposed to be 81-degrees on Thursday, good grief.
    I'm a HUGE fan of the International Coffees, too ... but never break it out here until the first chilly day. Almost ceremonial, I tell ya!

    1. Hi Myra! Thanks for stopping by. I love your description of Phoenix!! * the kitty-litter capital of the nation! * Ha! And as the quote above says, I'd much rather have your 81 degrees!! :)


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