Monday, November 10, 2008


Since March of 2008, I've been writing a weekly column for the Adair County Free Press. It is located in the wonderful small town of Greenfield, Iowa. My parents and both sets of grandparents were from there and I still have relatives there. It's a magical place with a Town Square, quaint shops, friendly people and most of all....happy memories of my childhood summer vacations spent there. (As a small girl, I thought the newspaper was actually free, since it was called The Free Press! My dad explained the meaning of freedom of speech, and it was quite profound to me.)

The Free Press has been owned by the Sidey family since it's beginnings. Hugh Sidey was born and raised there and later worked for Life and Time magazines. He covered the presidents from Eisenhower to Clinton. Along with writing for the magazines, he also wrote several books. He wrote the text for a book of photography "These United States", photos by Fred J. Maroon. I own a hard cover edition of it and enjoy reading through it from time to time. The back cover contains a synopsis, which begins with his love for his home town of Greenfield, Iowa.

I am truly honored to write for this newspaper, with its rich history.


  1. Hey Becky,

    Welcome to the blogosphere. I love reading about rural newspapers. I especially like to see the names of newspapers as we travel around. There's one in Linn, Missouri called The Unterrified Democrat.


  2. Tricia,

    Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment! I'm surprised you could read it very well, though, because I've been playing around with the font colors! It certainly is a work in progress!

  3. Hi Becky,
    Great blog. I love reading rural newspapers too. The one Tricia mentioned, the Unterrified Democrat, is the local one that covers our place in Osage County. Some of the articles in the UT are wonderful. A series of memorable ones were about 'Chief Wanna Doobie."
    Serious, that's what he called himself.


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