Wednesday, April 29, 2009

* Brenda Warner speaks at "Divas Building Dreams" Kick-Off Breakfast!

Yesterday morning was the Kick-Off breakfast for the St. Charles County, Habitat for Humanity, "Divas Building Dreams" program....(Wow, what a mouthful that is!) It was an amazing morning. Kelly Brooks, Development Coordinator should be commended for all her work!

There were approximately 250 fabulous women, lots of yummy breakfast foods, plenty of hot coffee...<<< always a "must" attendance prizes and great speakers.

(We "divas" will be building a home this summer for a well deserving single mom and her young daughter. The tentative work schedule as of today is: Pouring of foundation, etc. on May 4, 2009, to Dedication Ceremony on August 30, 2009.) There's still time to join!

The keynote speaker was Brenda Warner, wife of NFL quarterback Kurt Warner. She gave a wonderful speech about her life as a young girl, to her hard luck days as a single mom, to her extraordinary life now. She was so gracious and stayed afterwards signing autographs and having her picture taken with divas. I also gave her an autographed copy of "Chicken Soup for the Soul; Love Stories" with a bookmark in my story's page telling her it was because she and Kurt had such a wonderful love story.

She and Kurt sponsor "Kurt Warner's First Things First Foundation" which helps many people in many ways. Please check out their website

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