Saturday, June 27, 2009

** I've Lost Count..... of many things....**

The answer is: 9 or 10: Number of days in a row that we've had 90+ degree temperatures.

The answer is: 7 or 8: Number of days since I've been able to go out for my neighborhood walk. (due to the high temperatures, plus very high humidity.)

The answer is: 3: Number of hours I've been up and I'm so lethargic, I'm still in my jammies.

The answer is: 60: Number of minutes until I'm meeting my friend, Tammy, for lunch at one of our favorite places.....Bread Co. !!

The answer is: ZERO: Number of minutes I have left to waste!

Hello Sunshine! Hello blue skies! Hello friendships! Hello joy and happiness! Hello gift of life!


  1. Hello giggling absolutely uncontrollably until you can’t stop! That was so much fun!

  2. Oh, you are sooooo right!! Nothing like laughing until your stomach hurts!! Had a blast!


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