Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Is there such a thing as a perfect (weather) day? I think so! It all has to do with your attitude. Some people may think a rainy day or a snowy day is perfect. I, for one, love snowy days....but mostly in the month of December!

I would say that today, here where I live, is an absolutely beautiful, perfect day! The perfect autumn day. Blue skies, some white clouds, a nice breeze, cool to warm temperatures......Ahhhhh. Life is Wonderful!

The sight of my sheer, white curtains gently puffing out and floating back in towards the open windows, leaves me with an almost indescribable feeling of happiness.


  1. It is gorgeous today, isn't it? Of course I'm stuck in an office behind permanently sealed windows.

    Sadly, no blowing curtains here...

  2. Thank to both of you! A perfect day, even for a crazy, scatter-brained kook like me! :-)


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