Thursday, October 8, 2009

** A Surprise Package **

I received a surprise package in today's mail. There were 2 Certificates of Appreciation from the St. Charles School for speaking at Lincoln Elementary on September 21st, and the other for speaking at Monroe Elementary on September 23rd. But, the best part was 19 thank-you cards that some of the students at Lincoln Elementary made for me! The children took the time to draw and color pictures, plus write their own thank-you messages. Some were sweet, some were funny, and some were illegible, but they all touched my heart and I'll definitely save them in my "school speaking folder"!

My biggest wish is that at least one of them will remember me and be inspired to go for their dreams in life.


  1. How neat! Bet it was fun to read through them!

  2. Thanks, Tam! It was such a treat! Ron looked at every one of them, too, and said how thoughtful that was. I agree! Next time we go to lunch, I'll bring them with me!

  3. What a nice post to read today..yes,it would be wonderful if we impact other lives postively and then even greater if we knew about it! cm

  4. Thanks, Bookie! How thoughtful of you to leave such a nice comment!


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