Tuesday, April 20, 2010

** If It's Tuesday, I'm All Messed Up **

(photo: mormonwomensupportingeachother)
In the past few months, maybe even the past year, my Mondays have been so busy that by the time Monday evening rolls around, I truly believe it is Tuesday evening! Does that ever happen to any of you? It's then a huge relief, knowing I have another entire day in the week to accomplish things. Well, tonight, I have no idea what day I think it is. I would say it feels more like Wednesday, which once again, is a huge relief that it is not!

I've decided I'm a little tired right now...probably too tired would be the correct word. I'm starting to get punchy, and no telling what my flying fingers of fate will type, because I've really lost all control over them. I guess I better call it a night, or my blog may not be able to keep its G and/or PG Ratings!

Good night y'all. Hope to hear from all you dear blogger buddies of mine!

"There is a time for many words, and there is also a time for sleep." -- Homer


  1. I love the the pic you found. Very appropriate! I can relate to your feelings, as usual. Wednesdays are my crazy days--so much to do that everything just runs together.

    P.S. Thanks for playing with my cat. She enjoys your visits. ^^ :)

  2. For me it feels the weekdays crawl by...while the weekend is over before it's hardly begun!


  3. Thanks, Lisa! I think the cartoon gal looks a little like the crazy picture of me next to it! :o
    And yeah, I have to talk to that crazy cat of yours! "Dogs Rule, and Cats...uh...Just Scratch!"

  4. Hi Pat! I can surely sympathize. That's how I felt when I was out in the working world. I'm so grateful to be able to work from home now.

  5. I'm having one of those weeks too! Hopefully yours will get better, because you know mine really won't.

  6. Love the photo and the quote.
    BTW: Was the quote from Homer . . . Simpson?

  7. Becky,
    Thanks for stopping by and we missed ya! I love it when I get another day just because I have forgotten which day it is! It's like a bonus!
    Love the picture too!


  8. Thanks, Janel. I know you have a difficult rest of the week ahead. Remember all your friends, writers, blogger buddies, etc. that are out here thinking of you!

  9. Hey Donna!! Glad you liked the picture and the quote! And you are hilarious, girl!! I'm sorry I didn't think of that myself! ....But as you know, Homer Simpson usually says "DOH!"

  10. Hi Julia! Thanks for stopping by my blog, too! Glad to be missed! :)
    And yep, I got a Bonus Day!
    Glad you liked the goofy picture, too. Don't you think it resembles me a little bit??!! :o

  11. I hate to admit that I'm a teensy bit curious about what those non-PG-rated flying fingers of yours will type!!!

    No wonder you could relate to my story of being so tired that I sprayed Bactine in my hair because it had a green cap like my hair gel! ;o)

  12. Hey Tammy! Next time we meet for lunch or dinner, I'll tell ya all about these crazy fingers of mine!
    And yep, I can relate to those errors made while being deep in thought, or deep in "I wish I was sleeping"...!

  13. My days all seem to run together sometimes too! Hard to keep them straight sometimes, especially during those really busy times. That treadmill just keeps on running.

  14. Hi Daisy! I think this is an issue only women seem to deal with...at least for the most part! Too bad that treadmill hasn't made me lose any weight, without further exercise and eating less! Doh! That reminds me...maybe Homer Simpson DID say the quote on this post!


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