Monday, May 10, 2010

** Now, That's Just Not Funny! **

It is now 9:00 pm, Central Daylight Time, and I am editing this post. I understand now what happened to cause one of my followers to disappear, and I want to apologize to A., although, I truly was kidding around about the number dropping from 50 to 49.
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Well.....What's in a number anyway?  Nothing!  So, I'm still celebrating all my wonderful blog friends!! You all mean a great deal to me! .....Whether you are "official followers" or not!

" Oh you got to have friends......♪♫ "  -- Bette Midler


  1. What really is in a number anyway?

    Smiles and enjoying STILL Following!

  2. Oh Becky, I am so sorry, I closed all my blogs and removed myself from everyone else's blogs. I will add myself again until you get a few more. Sorry, I didn't realize what I had done. Please, please, forgive me. You can give 10 strokes with a wet noodle for doing that. OUCH, OUCH, OUCH, OUCH, OUCH, OUCH, OUCH, OUCH, OUCH, OUCH!!!!

  3. Becky, you are so nice and you don't say anything even remotely harsh on your blog. I'm glad that you have an explanation though. :>)

  4. Becky,
    I lose track of time when I begin reading all your blogs. What a talent you have for the usage of words !!
    I'm glad your mystery is now solved. However remember quality NOT quantity is the best !!
    Love all the music. I find myself singing along.
    Loved the beautiful dish you ate breakfast on and the food looked yummy too. Your Rubyisms are a treasure. My Mom have so many of those sayings and I love hearing them..and of course the song "I had a girl and Ruby was her name....loved it too.
    Take care my friend. Warm wishes to you !! Turtle Lady

  5. Oh, Ann! Now I realized you WERE the face that was missing!! I'm sorry if I made you feel bad, because I would never want to do that!!! You didn't need to add yourself back to my followers, And NO lashes with the wet noodle, either! Have a great summer!!! Don't forget to stop in, too!

  6. Hi Julia! Thanks, and you're right, of course!

  7. Hi Kathy! I'm so glad you got the problem fixed with your blog not allowing you to leave comments!! Great to have you back! And, thanks!

  8. Hey there Turtle Lady!! You're always so good for my writing ego!! Thanks for all the kind words! Warm wishes back to you!

  9. Oh Becky. You are so funny. You deserve 50,000 Followers! Sincerely, Susan

  10. Hi Susan! Thanks! YOU are making ME laugh now!! Wow! 50,000 Followers??!! I just edited my post, though, because I felt bad for Ann.

  11. Becky, I'm sure you'll get another 50the follower soon. Don't worry.

  12. Hi Walt! Long time no see! Thanks for stopping by! And yeah, I honestly don't care about the numbers. My earlier post had been a humorous rant!

  13. Oh my gosh - that is something I want to blog about sometime.

    Why does someone go to all the trouble - and it is work to do this - to defriend someone?

    I have been de-friended twice - I have to admit - it hurt!

    So many questions about blogging.

    You seem like you have a great blog and a lot of people who do want to be friends with you - so that is the good thing!

    That's the thing I have to dwell on. lol


  14. Hey Chatty Crone! (Sandie!)
    I have seen your name on so many of the blogs I's great to have you stop by!
    Thanks for your comment about followers, but as I explained, it was just an accident that someone stopped following me. I wish I would've thought longer and harder about it before I wrote my humorous rant, because then I most likely would've remembered. Oh well...Thanks again!


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